Whole school videos

Move Up Day Tuesday 29th June 2021

On move up day next year's Year 3 and Year 4 had a Rob Biddulph themed day. We read his book 'Show And Tell' then used his Draw with Rob tutorial to create our own Self Portraits. We though you would enjoy seeing them. I am sure you will agree they are brilliant! In the afternoon we used the book 'Dog Gone' to inspire some collaborative artwork which the children also did an incredible job of. Enjoy!

V.E. Day celebrations

How are families celebrated V.E. Day. We would have had our own V.E. Day street party at sometime during the run up to this momentous occasion in school. But lockdown saw us having a re-think but with social distancing in place we show how we managed to mark this special day.

Mrs Middleton's 50th Birthday wishes

As is always the tradition at St Bridget's our birthdays are always celebrated - often with funny photos secured by all means possible and posted via publicly in and around school. We usually have Mrs Hemingway to thank for that. So lockdown gave us a little problem but not for long. Mrs Hemingway emailed the families to send in their wishes and here they are. Thank you to you all who contributed - they look amazing. Mrs Middleton says a very big thank you and we heard they brought a tear to her eyes too.

Our tribute to Captain Tom

We were so impressed with the effort this amazing man achieved that we decided to pay tribute to him. Thank you Captain Tom for inspiring us.

Staff showing our lovely children how much we are missing them

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